What is the running time?

Elmer runs for 55 minutes with no intermission.

Can I bring a stroller?

Unfotunately, strollers are not permitted anywhere in the theatre.

Do I need a ticket for my young child?

For safety, any person entering the performance space, regardless of age, must hold a valid ticket and have an assigned seat. Patrons must occupy their assigned seats and may not move to other locations in the theatre without permission. Young children may be seated in a parent’s lap only if they have a ticket and an assigned seat directly beside that occupied by the parent.

Is my child too young for the show?

Our audience members are typically between 6 months and 96 years old. We recommend the show for all ages.

We also don’t encourage children to be quiet – our only request is that their ‘accompanying adults’ leave phones turned off until after the show!

My child has ASD/SPD. Is the show suitable?

Yes! Our shows are inclusive and have been designed to be autism-friendly, open to all children and families with sensory issues.

Our shows also encourage an environment that allows caretakers to also relax: The sound levels are not too loud, the theatre does not get too dark. The house lights remain half on during the show.  A quiet area is also available in the foyer during the show for any nervous attendees while the show is running

We do not ‘shoosh’ anyone during the show. Everyone is able to relax and be themselves.

Is the theatre accessible?

Yes, and we’re here to help. Please let the Box Office know if you require any assistance.

What if my child is afraid to enter the theatre?

This is not entirely unusual for first-time theatre-goers. Our experienced House Manager is ready to assist and can show the child pictures from the show and get comfortable so they can ease their way into the theatre at their own pace.

I have a group, how can I book?

If your group is 8 or more people, you are eligible for a special groups discount. To inquire details on pricing, please call our ticketing provider at 1-888-324-6282

If you have a LARGE group over 50 or more (school groups, mom groups, etc) we’re here to help facilitate! Email us at support@elmershow.com

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